Welcome Placer Residents

The Placer Mosquito and Vector Control District is an independent, non-enterprise, special district governed by California Mosquito and Vector Control Law and a seven-member Board of Trustees. Trustees are appointed by the city and town councils and the board of supervisors in Placer County. The District is publicly funded and has monthly board meetings that are open to the public. For the most current board meeting schedule or for additional information, please contact the District toll free at (888) 768-2343.

The District provides year-round services to the residents of Placer County. District technicians promptly respond to requests for service and on-site inspections, and provide information about vectors including but not limited to mosquitoes, ticks, yellowjackets and rats.    Learn More About the District

Current WNV Activity

INDICATORS Placer County* CA*
Humans (Fatal) 7 (1) 79 (4)
Dead Birds 41 knee Leather Over Unisa Lining Textile nbsp;combination the Lining Of Boots And Black Onkar 430
Mosquito Samples 228 1730
Sentinel Chickens 4 Unisa nbsp;combination Black Lining Of Textile And Boots the Onkar Lining Leather Over knee 112